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Thanasarn Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a machine shop lathe work, milling been milling with CNC MACHINING CENTER piece molded connector (MOLD MAKER) service mold making, plastic injection molding and milling.JIG FIXTURE been working jig fixture Jig fixture. Jig fixture design and manufacture machined parts, metal machined parts, plastic-order machined parts produced by manufacturing machine part with milling Milling cnc CNC Lathe cnc machining work on raw materials such as various types of titanium. Machined steel Machined cast iron parts Workpiece machined stainless steel. Brass machined parts Workpiece machined aluminum.Machined plastic parts logistics, engineering, etc. 

The company produces parts for the automotive industry components such as the radiator. Air CompressorsBeautiful decorative pieces for both cars, motorbikes and bicycles and spare parts and electrical components such as spare parts. in Or electricity or by a customer MAKE BY REFER DRAWING WATER JET been cut with a   
registration number. 0744554001451

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