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Acrylic stationery box factory

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  • Acrylic stationery box factory
  • Acrylic stationery box factory
  • Acrylic stationery box factory

Product Description

Acrylic stationery box By an acrylic processing factory
Acrylic pen holder Design order box for acrylic stationery To be a product display box for sale at the store In shopping malls, booths, etc. so that acrylic work adds interest to the stationery that is put in As well as accepting screen printing or laser marking, logo, branding, branding, corporate brand to help with advertising products Helps to clearly remember the brand.

Thai Prakit Acrylic
We have started an acrylic factory for over 25 years. With a long experience in producing acrylic products, both Acrylic product display box Stand for acrylic products Stainless acrylic sign shelf Acrylic award plaques, including LED lighting, stickers, screen printing, etching, logos with high quality laser We also used to make large cabinets. To the table that was originally made of acrylic Which we are confident that we are able to produce a variety of products according to the needs of customers for sure

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