Made to order acrylic box

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Thaiprakitacrylic LP

Plastic Acrylic Sheet

Made to order acrylic box

  • Plastic Acrylic Sheet
  • Made to order acrylic box
  • Made to order acrylic box
  • Made to order acrylic box

Product Description

Made to order, acrylic box, design Acrylic production according to the sample
Acrylic processing factory Acrylic box, model display box Product display box Acrylic shoe box Gift box Boxes for prizes and important items or products that need to be specially stored To make the product stand out We design acrylic boxes to the appropriate size. Including designing the product stand to make it look beautiful when going to set up the show

We produce from small quantities to mass production for use throughout the country.

Thai Prakit Acrylic
We have been in the acrylic manufacturing industry for over 25 years, with a combined portfolio with many leading companies. We continue to develop the spirit of our employees all the time. To ensure that we are able to produce good products for our important customers

Interested to order acrylic boxes Or order all kinds of acrylic work

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