Solid Intertech Co., Ltd. (Phuket Branch)

โซลิด อินเตอร์เทค (สาขาภูเก็ต)

Solid Intertech Co., Ltd. (Phuket Branch)

Water Treatment Systems & Equipment

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Design and installation of wastewater treatment systems.
Get rid of wastes in wastewater and water systems or plumbing systems by a professional team. Guaranteed variety. Hotels & Resorts Project Village Our offices include dormitories, hospitals and industrial facilities in Phuket. We are a full service provider of Total Wastewater Plant and turnkey project services. Engineering Design Details Construction Control It covers engineering such as environmental engineering and sanitation, chemical engineering, civil engineering, structural engineering. Provides pipeline services. Equipment procurement Installation work Electrical system work inside wastewater treatment system. Procurement and installation of small tanks for wastewater treatment. And large sewage treatment tank.

Maintenance services for wastewater treatment systems, repair works, improve the quality of the original treatment systems that are degraded. Of projects Both public and private. In the factory Condominiums, condominiums, condominiums, serviced apartments, office buildings, hotels, resorts, communities, housing developments, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, department stores. All kinds of bazaars

Solid Intertech (Phuket Branch) In addition to being a wastewater treatment company. We are also a dealer of equipment. Appliances and spare parts in wastewater treatment systems. TSURUMI Submersible Pumps, TSURUMI SHINMAYWA Ejector, Submersible Aerator, UNOMACH Blower, Air Blower Kawamoto pump with spare parts. And all types of wastewater treatment equipment. We provide a full range of services. After-sale service, repair of waste water pump for both customer and others. With a team of engineers. Experienced in waste water treatment system. References to several leading industrial plants.

Company Location: 59/24 Moo 6, Tungkum-Khuan Road, Din Daeng, Rassada, Phuket, Thailand.
phone number : 0-7652-8644-5