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KPC Carton Company Limited
Manufacturer selling all forms of corrugated carton packaging

We are a Sriracha box factory. Box factory Carton box One of the largest in Chonburi Province Received the quality system standard ISO: 9001, rebuilt on an area of ​​8 rai, uses new automatic and semi-automatic box manufacturing machines. Efficient, high capacity Cut out any concerns Both in terms of quality, price and delivery time That resonates with the purchasing department of various factories In each industrial estate

7 Good Reasons to Use Corrugated Boxes from KPC Carton Corrugated Box Factory

Packaging that meets the needs We produce boxes with a purpose. To protect customers' products safely from various logistics-delivery processes such as storage, handling and transportation. Until the hand of the product user
Beautiful design to help sales We have a team to design beautiful packaging boxes. And graphic design, box printing To add value to your products, looks good and has a price Help promote sales
Low cost, easy to compete We take into account the cost savings. The more you order, the lower the cost. To help increase the competitiveness of customers
Meet the specification according to the order We have precision in manufacturing paper boxes to meet specifications. Meet the order Convenient to use
Quick delivery and use. We deliver carton boxes to customers in full amount. On time, make an appointment, use it
Manage confidentiality We manage the order information of each box model, production quantity in each cycle, so that it is easy to order next time and keep every customer information confidential and ethically.
To be a sustainable good partner We focus on providing excellent service. To serve as a support for commercial potential for customers in a market that is highly competitive in terms of quality Cost and time Be good business partners as if they are one team and grow sustainably at the same time.

Under the quality policy
“We are committed to producing quality products. To the satisfaction of customers "

What kind of boxes do you want to use? Appointment to see product samples Arrange business negotiation
Call: 038-067492-3

Industry groups that use our services include Automotive Spare Parts Industry - Automobile Accessories Electrical Appliances - Air Conditioners - Electronics - Machine Controls Plastic products industry - laminating film Hardware Industry - Fastening - Magnet Copper pipe and fitting industry And export fruit

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